Brazilian Bikini Wax And Hair Removal Services

The sun is bright and the temperature is hot. It’s a sweltering summer day and the last place you want to be is inside watching Netflix. It’s time for the beach or the pool! You slide on your favorite swimsuit, apply some SPF, and grab some lemonade and your favorite book. With everything in tow, you’re ready to sit pool- or beach side, until you look down and see the result of not maintaining your bikini line. What do you do?! Shaving is a pain and isn’t always effective, and those store bought waxing strips don’t get the job done. Girl, it’s time to utilize professional hair removal services.

Now that you have a solution to your problem, you might be wondering what bikini line hair removal service would be best: a Brazilian wax or a bikini wax? While very similar, these two waxing services are, in fact, different. So before you call us to schedule your appointment at Slim and Clean, read along to learn how bikini and Brazilian waxing differ from one another.

Bikini Wax

This is exactly what it sounds like. A bikini wax removes hair around your bikini bottom, paying close attention to those pesky hairs around the line that can be a pain to maintain. Bikini waxes are simple and effective at removing hair that doesn’t want to be, and shouldn’t be, seen whilst your time frolicking on the beach or at the pool. There are different types of bikini waxes, depending on how much you want waxed off around your bikini line. A full bikini wax not only removes the hair on the edge of the bikini bottom, but can go further to remove hair on the front part of the bikini area.

Whether you want to nip the hairs on directly on your bikini line or wax more of it off, the choice is up to you. Specify you needs to the waxing specialist when you go in for your bikini waxing appointment.

Brazilian Wax

A Brazilian wax takes a bikini wax one step further. Not only will a Brazilian remove hair around the bikini line, but it will remove everything from the front to the back to in between. If you want to rid of it all, a Brazilian wax is the waxing service for you. Not only that, but Brazilians tend to last longer than a simple bikini wax. Depending on your hair growth, you can expect to schedule a Brazilian wax every three to five weeks, give or take.

Whether you want to play it safe with a bikini line wax or go all in with a Brazilian wax, our wax hair removal services at Slim and Clean can help you feel comfortable and confident in your swimsuit once again.