Slim And Clean Body Hair Removal Services

Body waxing is one of the best hair removal techniques out there. By pulling out the hair from its root, waxing is far more effective at removing hair than shaving. You can wax all areas of your body, including your eyebrows, upper lip, legs, arms, armpits, back, knuckles and your bikini line. Having your waxing needs done by a professional at a waxing salon is your best option for getting a clean wax on any area of your body. Here at Slim & Clean, we offer a variety of waxing services, including waxing for men and women. If you’re in need of a Brazilian wax or a facial waxing, be sure to check out our waxing services.

Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian waxing is perfect in the summer time when you’ll be spending more time in a swimsuit on the beach or by the pool. You definitely don’t want anything unwanted hanging out. At Slim & Clean, we specialize in Brazilian waxing. We use Brazilian hard wax during our waxing service, which is done by placing the wax directly on the hair area rather than using muslin or paper strips.

Facial Waxing

Have pesky facial hair on your eyebrows or upper lip? Our waxing services can take care of that. You’ll definitely want to have a professional wax your face. A waxing professional will know what they’re doing and will know which direction your facial hair needs to be pulled for optimal hair removal that won’t irritate your skin too much. Facial hair waxing will last for about two to six weeks, depending on your hair type.

Waxing For Men

Slim & Clean offers waxing services for men, including a “Guyzilian” for pubic hair waxing. If you need your legs, chest, stomach, back or any other area on your body waxed, our team of waxing professionals can do it. Schedule an appointment today!

Take a look at our waxing services for both men and women and contact us at Slim & Clean to schedule your appointment today!