Hair Removal And Sugar Waxing Services At Slim And Clean

Are you wanting to remove irksome body hair, like under your arms, on your legs, or around your bikini line, but aren’t sure you want to dive straight into a hard body wax or Brazilian wax? You’re in luck. One of the hair removal services we offer at Slim and Clean Body Care And Waxing is sugaring.

Sugaring is a completely natural hair removal method incorporating sugar, lemon, and hot water. These three simple ingredients create a gel substance when mixed together. When applied to the specified area, the sugar wax removes hair directly from its root, rather than pulling at the skin cells. This method of removing body hair has been used for hundreds of years in Greece, the Middle East, and the Northern Africa region.

Compared to more traditional waxing services, sugaring proves successful in the fact that it can remove hair from the root without disrupting or irritating the surrounding skin. With hard wax options, hair is removed effectively, however, the surrounding skin can be pulled during the actual process. With natural ingredients and a more gentle removal method, sugaring yields results without harming. This is a great option for removing hair around areas with sensitive or easily irritated skin.

That being said, it’s important to note that the success of a sugar wax depends on your hair type. You might have to go through a two or three rounds of sugaring before you experience lasting results. After a few sugaring appointments, you will notice that the results from a sugar wax will last longer than those of traditional waxing methods.  

Before you schedule an sugar wax appointment with us at Slim and Clean, you’re going to want to do some small preparations:

  • Make sure your hair is at least a quarter inch long. If not, the sugar, lemon, and hot water mixture won’t stick and the sugar wax won’t be effective.
  • Before you head to your appointment, exfoliate the skin around the area you are getting wax. Also, this area should also be oil-free.

After your sugaring appointment, use hydrocortisone cream on the area that was waxed. Do not exfoliate the skin any more. Your skin will be sensitive, so you’ll also want to avoid overly hot water.

Sugaring works on all different skin types and is a natural hair removal method. You’ll experience silky smooth skin and effective results — two very important things during the summer season. If you are interested in experiencing a sugar wax, give us a call and schedule an appointment today at Slim and Clean.